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Yoga Pose
22 days Holistic & Somatic Yoga Teacher Training in the jungle of Tulum
19.05 - 09.06.2023 (200hrs, 22 days)

Connect with your body's unique wisdom as you immerse yourself in deeply holistic practices in our 22-day Yoga Teacher Training in Tulum.


This course is designed to support your path of yoga, self-realization, and movement with a somatic approach, so you can take your personal practice to the next level and start (or continue) your teaching journey mindfully.


You will spend 3 weeks in a beautiful lush jungle by the Caribbean, in an environment that supports your journey of exploration, celebrating life and nature around you, and sharing it with other beautiful souls.

It’s all about connecting with your own body's wisdom, finding your inner teacher within and going further in exploration.


This is a great opportunity to take time to see where your practice can take you when you are being encouraged to truly expand and flourish, while finding inspiration in community and embodying the peacefulness of nature around.


And to make this holistic training even more special, we will experience traditional Mayan ceremonies with a local facilitator, so we can really connect with the land and the elements.

Inspiration from nature & community

Sanctuary OM is nestled in the tropical jungle of Tulum, a true refuge in the middle of a mystical atmosphere which facilitates body-mind-spirit alignment. Enjoy our sustainable gastronomy, harmonious living, and the spirit of the jungle. Even though we are into the wild, we are so close to the beautiful turquoise blue beaches along the Caribbean side, ancient Mayan ruins, world class cave diving, Kaan Luum Lagoon, Sian Ka’an UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere Reserve, and walking distance from 4 of the most pristine and beautiful cenotes (natural pools) in the region.

Yoga Pose
Exploration, celebration,
going deeper into the body
For who?

This course takes your practice deeper, and suits well those who are just starting their teaching journey, or who are already teaching yoga or other movement practices but want to go further in exploration and find new angles and authenticity to their teaching style.

The focus of this training is to get really connected with your own body, to be able to connect with others. As you get deeper into your practice, you will learn to guide your students confidently in their individual paths, meeting them where they are at and give them space to explore, go within and challenge themselves in a way that feels safe and good.

We will explore many different aspects of yoga that go way beyond asana, including bhakti (the path of devotion) through the practice of kirtan (chanting mantras), dhyana (meditation) and deep, personal explorations of yogic philosophy. We are all about an inclusive approach to learning that revolves around exploring yogic themes and topics together in open dialogue and embodied, somatic practices. There won’t be any top-down teaching from a high horse – we are all students on this path together, all looking to access our innate wisdom and supporting each other on this journey.

This training will support you in removing any blockages that might be holding you back from accessing your full potential, stepping into your power, and opening your heart as much as possible. More than a teacher, we will support you on the journey of becoming a whole-hearted facilitator that is able to hold space in a variety of holistic events.

You will learn:

Asana alignment, to give adjustments and alternatives, efficient use of props. Methods to create your own yoga sequences and classes that alignes with you and your style of teaching, creating an atmosphere in your classes connected to your purpose. Yogic philosophy for modern daily life, history of yoga for context. Functional anatomy for mindful movers, safe practicing and injury prevention. Kirtan, mantras, meditation techniques, chakra alignment, and subtle body awareness. We will also discover somatic movement & nervous system regulation, embodiment and body integration practices, and experience the essence of community in special sharing circles & ceremonies, in traditional Mexican style.

  • Asana alignment

  • Yoga practice (Hatha & Vinyasa)

  • Art of teaching (theory & practice)

  • Meditation (Active & passive)

  • Chakras & subtle body awareness

  • Pranayama

  • Anatomy

  • Different Paths of Yoga

  • Somatic movement

  • Yoga history & philosophy

  • Voice activation

  • Kirtan

  • Mantras

  • Introduction to Tantra

  • The art of holding space

  • Beyond yoga: wisdom from Taoism, Tantra and Buddhism to enhance your yoga classes

  • Extra sharings and workshops (Dharma circles,  Cacao ceremonies, 5 rhytms body integration workshops, opening and closing ceremonies)


EXTRA BONUS: You will learn about the art of connecting with mother nature as much as possible

Example schedule:
(changes are possible)


7.00 - 08.30     Vinyasa class
09.00 - 10.00     Breakfast
10.15 - 11.30     Art of teaching/Asana alignment
11.45 - 13.00     Yoga history & philosophy/pranayama
13.00 - 15.00     Lunch & free time
15.15 - 16.30     Anatomy/Chakras & subtle body
16.45 -18.00    Hatha yoga class
18.15 - 19.15     Meditation/Mantra/Somatic movement
19.30 -     Dinner
20.30 -     Closing the day


Special workshops and sharing circles



Free, go and explore the surroundings

Accessing your full potential
with an open heart
Aino López

Aino López is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga and meditation teacher trained with Mantra Yoga & Meditation in Nepal, has a BA in Dance from Barcelona Institute of Arts, and is a certified somatic movement instructor (Movingness). She is passionate about movement as a medicine for the body and soul, and blends techniques from Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, contemporary dance, somatic movement, breathwork, meditation, and embodiment practices.

Aino guides her students with joy and compassion, giving them tools to embody peacefulness, move in awareness, and let go of tension in mind and body. She believes that by exploring everyone can find their own natural way of enjoying movement, and feels called to help her students towards more joyful living with ease and lightness, using practices that help to go deeply within yourself when experiencing your body and emotions, refining your movement patterns and learning how to express freely through the body. The core essence of her classes is to stay connected with yourself, as it brings you naturally to a state of flow and enjoyment, which can then be brought to your everyday life.


Kunti's passion and approach to the body and mind place her in a vital process for yoga from the unshakable discipline of the technique, to the versatility and investigation of the different currents of yoga, for which she is certified as a teacher in Kundalini, Hatha and Ashtanga yoga.

Her learning of Yoga comes from generations back, her parents and grandparents percursors of Hatha Yoga in Mexico and Venezuela. From a very young age Kunti was instructed in the integral Yogistics and Spiritual discipline as lifestyle. Within her specific development as a Yoga Teacher, she has been teaching classes for more than 20 years.

Kunti lived in India for two years working at MiriPiri Academy (school founded by Yogi Bahjan), where she also delved into the arts of Hindu Dance such as Bhangara and Raag Music. She was in Rishikesh, India studying the dynamism of Ashtanga Yoga with Master Yogi Khamal Singh. Her time dedicated to study and teaching lead her to experience Yoga as a perfect body science that transcends from the physical to the spiritual plane, crossing the psychological channel of the human psyche

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Liz Palacios

Student of the arts and wisdom of her own body, Liz has been a companion for others into their own self discovery since 2010. Nowadays she is comitted to bring back the sacredness of life celebrating rites of passage in traditional Mexican ways.


Yoga, mindful meditation and water healing techniques are among her most powerful tools to come back to balance. In her Circles of Sacred Cacao we gather to call for the spirit of the Maya land in the medicine of the cacao, as a heart opener and soul aligning, the cacao will guide us to a higher pourpose; connecting with your higher self and celebrating the new tribe we are forming.


Dharma circles are other safe and sacred space for us to come back to ourselves, acknowledging whatever is present in us at that moment and giving it time to express. We share so that the benefit of our own well being reaches far away to borders of time and space as a calming and nurturing balm benefiting all infinite beings.

Liz's Body Integration workshops are inspired by the 5 rythms by Gabrielle Roth. We will embrace a journey of body integration by giving space to listen to our own rythms and the way they manifest through the free movement of the body while balancing our lives, thoughts and emotions, allowing the free flow of life to guide you into new creations.


Accommodation in beautiful jungle cabins, with private and shared options available.

Each cabin is designed for you to experience full embracement by the Jungle Spirit and Mother Nature.  
+Luxurious cabins feature a private heart-shaped chemical-free plunge pool and a comfortable king size bed with a moon roof. You will be able to enjoy a 360° experience sleeping inside the jungle, feeling the breeze of the trees. The invisible mosquito net fabric walls will make you feel as part of nature. The cabin is inside a 2,422 ft2 (225 m2) private garden, surrounded by a green fence. Enjoy a beautiful full bathroom with dry/compost toilet, hot water shower, and an inside botanical garden. There is also a walk-in closet, working space with a bench and a table, a hammock, free high-speed internet, and multiple power outlets.

+Free spirit jungle cabins with a double bed and private bathroom.

+Tree house cabins with a double bed and private bathroom.

+Dorms with 2 bunk beds each (4 sleeping spaces) with shared bathrooms outside the dorms.

Experience our award-winning jungle cabins