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Are you ready for a major transformation?  Are you ready to become your best version?  Are you ready to stop chasing happiness where you will never find it?, this is an opportunity to partake in a small group or fully private retreat in an environment built on safety, sovereignty, integrity, and trust.

We keep our Plant Medicine retreats intimate (never more than 12 people) because we're passionate about offering our guests the most focused, personalized, and effective healing experience possible.  We believe that receiving plant medicine in a small group of thoroughly vetted guests (or even 1 on 1) can be the difference between just another psychedelic experience, or your life's turning point.
Our retreats are carefully curated by master coaches & experts in healing, wellness & self-development. 
You will benefit from years of experience from the facilitators to enter a space where healing and awakening will take place. 

Connection With Nature, In Comfort

You don't need to travel all the way to South America to experience ancestral plant medicine´s profound healing. 

The enchantment of our Jungle Sanctuary is the ultimate setting to explore altered states of consciousness.  


Even though we are just 5 minutes away from town, we are totally secluded in the virgin jungle, with no neighbors around, no traffic, no TV, just you and nature in the middle of an untouched paradise where the air is clean, the water is fresh and the wild, powerful, and peaceful jungle bursts with life.

Our jungle cabins will literally take your breath away.  Unlike most habitats that make you feel separated from mother nature, our unique and award-winning cabin design is far away from anything you have experienced, making you feel like part of the jungle itself.

The jungle is ancient and wise, beyond human comprehension, and it contains the answers to questions that we sometimes struggle to ascertain by ourselves.  Retreat participants can replant their spirits in nourishing soil, free from the environmental, mental, and emotional toxins that most of the time fog our hearts and minds, preventing us from going deep inside ourselves with clarity.

During your stay, you will receive unwavering support on all levels - physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual.  In addition to our ancestral and plant medicine facilitators, a professional Psychedelic Integration Counselor, massage therapist, yoga teacher, and personal chef will be always on site with you.
Most importantly, we respect your right to take time for yourself, and all our offerings are completely voluntary - including the plant medicine experience.  If you need a night off to rest and integrate, we respect your sovereignty.  We're here to listen, adjust, and help you get exactly what you need from day to day.

We enhance our natural medicine experiences with skilled processes and powerful tools such as conscious breathwork, yoga, meditation, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dances, voice activation workshops, ice baths, floral baths, sound healing, temazcal (sweat lodge), bodywork, aromatherapy, integration, nutrient dense vegetarian/vegan meals, fresh juices, jungle medicines, adaptogenic elixirs, and intimate contact with nature activities such as jungle walks and cenote swimming.


All these elements are designed to uplift our mood, arouse the spirit, make us feel good & elevated, and help dissolve our excess stress & anxiety, soothing our overworked nervous systems, so we can take maximum advantage of the experience and be able to return home prepared to translate what we’ve learned into permanent change. 

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